Your Total Foot Care

Your feet are an important and essential part of your body; they provide mobility and structure on which to move about your day. They travel miles with you through all sorts of life experiences, and we rarely give them a second thought until something compromises their health.

Caring for your feet

Because your feet and ankles have such an essential function, keeping them in tip-top shape is vital for overall health and well-being. You should pick your podiatrist, or foot doctor, with as much care as you choose your family practitioner. This type of board-certified physician treats all conditions and disorders of the foot, toes, and ankle. He can provide you with treatment and valuable advice on how to keep your feet in optimal condition.

Why board certification is important

Just as a lawyer has to pass a bar exam, and a physician has to pass a medical board examination, podiatrists that are board-certified have fulfilled a series of rigorous requirements to obtain the necessary licensure to practice in their field. Board certification represents years of education and attaining expertise in the field of podiatry. Once it is achieved, a practitioner can begin successfully treating and evaluating disorders of the feet, returning them to health and proper function using a variety of different methods. Choosing the best doctor, a doctor of podiatric medicine, DPM, that has obtained certification means that you can have peace of mind that your care is high quality. But the practitioner continues to meet rigorous education and training standards as determined by state and national certification programs.

The certification process involves a commitment to continuing education, training, and ongoing practice of new applications to ensure that a podiatrist stays up to speed with the most current and relevant information. For this reason, many state and national certifications require a certain number of clock hours each licensure period to demonstrate that they are keeping up to date with the most relevant information. Part of maintaining a competitive podiatry practice includes a demonstration of ongoing training.

A qualified doctor of podiatric medicine, DPM, is essential for healthy and happy feet

Early treatment of potential dysfunction and weakness is essential for healthy feet and ankles. Here are some solid reasons that you need to see a qualified podiatrist evaluate your foot and ankle health:

1. Podiatrists can prescribe medications and perform surgeries

A qualified DPM is trained to evaluate and heal wounds, correct structural deficiencies, and strengthen this most essential part of the body. Proper understanding of biomechanics helps to relieve stress and pressure on weakened joints, and they are trained to provide corrective surgery when needed. You can rest confidently in the fact that his specialized training will help to keep your feet and ankles healthy and functioning well.

2. A foot doctor can administer medication and order tests

For those of us with poor function, limited mobility, and injury, proper diagnosis is essential to being able to properly treat any foot condition. A highly trained DPM can accurately diagnose, treat and repair any number of foot-related conditions, restoring balance, strength, and mobility to this critical support structure.

3. Foot care specialists  

Foot doctors have the most up-to-date training and education related to foot and ankle care. They are collaborative members of any health care team, and they seek ways to promote total health and wellness through increased flexibility, mobility, and strength. With a passion for quality treatment protocols and innovations in surgical and preventative care, they can provide the most current information related to podiatric health.

4. Podiatrists only treat foot pain or ankle pain

As much as we would like to take advantage of their expertise in other areas of health and wellness, foot care specialists focus solely on issues related to foot and ankle health. Areas of specialization and care include:

  • Performing surgery to correct deficiencies and injury
  • Treating skin and muscle disorders
  • Designing treatment protocols for ligaments, tendons, and muscles to promote more efficient function
  • Diagnosing and treating issues related to strength, circulation, and other issues
  • Restoring balance and mobility to weakened structures
  • Prescribing and treating disorders related to skin and bone infections

With all of this specialized knowledge and application of an innovative treatment, our feet are in good hands when we choose this type of expert care.

5. Podiatrists provide foot pain relief treatment   

A highly trained DPM can craft comprehensive, individualized treatment plans upon diagnosis to treat, repair, and correct structural deficiencies and injuries that are contributing to your foot and ankle pain. A number of therapies, when used in combination with one another, can ensure that you are up and, on your feet, once more, improving your quality of life with renewed strength and mobility. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of your certified DPM, you can have reduced pain, more efficient movement, and better health overall as a result of treatment. Working with your doctor to co-design a wellness plan that includes various therapies will enable you to experience the type of pain-free movement that keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Say goodbye to foot and ankle pain 

Choosing a quality foot doctor should include a peek at their certifications and training, as well as having a conversation about your individual needs. Ask questions, look for a demonstration of continued training and commitment to excellence, and look forward to freedom from foot and ankle pain once and for all. You deserve it!