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Tranquility Med Nail Spa

Hygiene, safety, & comfort is our top priority

So Relax and Enjoy Tranquility

Sterilized & Sealed For Every Customer

All instruments are placed in packets and sterilized to surgical standards.

Your health is our priority. We employ heat and pressure sterilization for all instruments, ensuring a meticulous process that minimizes infection and eliminates cross-contamination. Trust in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Disinfection between each client

We prioritize your safety. Sinks and tabletops undergo thorough sanitation using a medical-grade disinfectant, a proactive measure to prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria. Your well-being is our commitment.

State of the Art Whirlpool Foot Baths

Regular maintenance is crucial. If standard whirlpool filters go uncleaned after each service, there’s a risk of serious skin infections. Why gamble with your well-being? At Tranquility, we prioritize your safety with our modern, sanitary filter-less sinks. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your health and comfort are our top priorities.

“Washing of Hands”

Prior to commencing any service, our dedicated nail technicians prioritize hygiene. They diligently disinfect their hands with our exclusive Tranquility Clean liquid hand sanitizer. To ensure a shared commitment to cleanliness, you’ll also be kindly asked to follow suit. It’s this attention to detail that sets the Tranquility experience apart.

Foot Doctor Owned and Managed

With over two decades of expertise, Dr. James M. Jacobs is a trusted provider of top-notch foot care in the Katy area. Emphasizing hygiene and safety, his practice is dedicated to minimizing infection and cross-contamination, ensuring the utmost care for your feet.

Massage chair inside the room