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Swift - Advanced Wart Treatment

Dr. James M Jacobs

Introducing Swift - Advanced Wart Treatment​

Are stubborn warts causing you discomfort and frustration? Your Total Foot Care Specialist is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking solution—the Swift Wart Treatment in Katy, Cypress, and Greater Houston Area. Experience effective treatment for surface-based skin lesions, especially targeting plantar warts.

Say goodbye to stubborn warts

Say hello to SWIFT

“SWIFT wart treatment has truly revolutionized our approach to wart removal.

Its remarkable effectiveness and precision make it a game-changer for our patients.

With SWIFT, we confidently tackle warts, providing our patients with quicker, more comfortable, and more successful outcomes.” – Dr. James Jacobs

Understanding Plantar Warts

Derived from the Latin term meaning ‘Of the sole,’ plantar warts are a common and particularly bothersome viral infection. Unlike other wart types, these warts can be painful due to the pressure they endure from daily walking and standing. Plantar warts, like all warts, stem from the human papillomavirus (HPV), specifically types 1, 2, 4, 60, and 63. These warts often develop finger-like roots beneath the skin’s surface, making them challenging to treat effectively from the outside.

The Swift Solution

Swift Wart Treatment
Swift Wart Treatment in Katy, Cypress, and Greater Houston Area
Swift Wart Treatment in Katy, Cypress, and Greater Houston Area
Swift represents cutting-edge technology, FDA Cleared, and has shown remarkable success in eradicating plantar warts. Using a specialized probe, Swift delivers low-dose microwave energy to precisely target and treat the underlying HPV virus. This process stimulates a natural immune response in the body, addressing the root cause rather than just alleviating symptoms.

What to Anticipate

The Swift protocol typically involves 3 to 4 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart, aligning with the body’s immune cycle. Each treatment lasts only 5-10 minutes and involves minimal debridement, with no skin breakage or need for bandages.

There is no required home treatment between sessions, and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Effectiveness of Swift

Swift’s utilization of the body’s immune system to combat the wart’s root cause (HPV) leads to significantly higher efficacy compared to other treatment methods.

Is It Painful?

While discomfort levels can vary based on the patient and the specific lesion, most individuals experience some degree of discomfort as the infected tissue rapidly heats up during a brief 2-second energy dose. The pain subsides immediately after energy delivery, and post-procedural pain is minimal. In fact, some patients report an immediate reduction in pain levels. Patients can continue with their regular activities right after treatment.

Our Experienced Podiatrists Can Help You!

It’s crucial to consult a podiatrist if you suspect you have a plantar wart and seek removal. Delaying treatment increases the likelihood of the wart persisting. Watch out for these common symptoms:
  • Sensation of ‘painful pebbles’ in your shoes.

  • Pain when applying pressure to the wart’s sides.

  • Circular, flat skin spot with a depressed center.

  • ‘Yellowed’ appearance with a crust, often accompanied by small black dots.

  • Pain, bleeding, or change in color of the foot lesion.

  • Ineffectiveness of previous treatments, resulting in wart recurrence.

  • Discomfort hindering regular activities.

  • Reduced sensation in the feet.

  • Uncertainty about whether the lesion is a wart.

“Don’t let plantar warts disrupt your life. Contact us today for Swift, effective treatment and lasting relief.”

Our Experienced Podiatrists Can Help You!

If you would like to get rid of your warts and explore Swift Treatment, please schedule an appointment with us by calling on 281-395-3338. One of our board certified podiatrist will be happy to help.

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