Your Total Foot Care

One of the most common foot conditions that patients experience are fungal infections on either the nails or skin of the foot.  Since fungus develops in warm moist areas, feet are always at high risk since they are constantly sweating.

If a nail fungus infection is not treated, it can cause permanent deformity of the nail. A non-treated fungal infection on the skin can be physically uncomfortable and will require extensive treatment.  This can restrict you from daily activities such as walking, exercising, and even just wearing shoes.

The following tips can help avoid a fungus infection.

  • Wear properly fitted shoes: Wearing shoes that are too big or too small for your feet are not only uncomfortable but can lead to a fungus toenail infection. Jamming your toenails into the end of the shoes or sliding your feet are causes of toenail infection.
  • Clip your toenails often and correctly: Having long toenails can build up bacteria under the nail. It is highly recommended to trim and file the nails with properly sanitized nail tools.
  • Use antifungal spray or powder: Sprinkle your shoes and socks with either antifungal powder or spray. This is highly recommended if your feet sweat a lot and during hot weather when your feet tend to sweat more.
  • Avoid being barefoot in public areas: Always wear shoes when walking in public areas. It is suspected that shower floors, locker rooms, and swimming pools are a high source of the fungus.

By following the tips above, you can decrease the chance of getting or spreading toenail fungus. If you do contract fungus on your feet, please call our office for an evaluation. Our office can provide effective treatments to help your fungal nail options in topical, oral medications, and laser treatment by our board-certified podiatrist with Dr. James M. Jacobs and associates in Katy, TX.