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For many of us, painful feet are tolerated because we often feel that painful feet are a normal result of our busy lives in Katy, TX and surrounding communities. Foot pain is not normal! Pain-free and healthy feet are key to enjoying life. We need to take care of our feet because they help support our daily activities. They are our foundation and often the indicators of our overall health.
When it comes to specific treatments of the foot and ankle, a general orthopedist may not be the best choice. General orthopedists are less likely to have training focused on the foot and ankle and better trained at managing hips, knees and shoulders. A podiatrist or an orthopedist who specializes in the foot or ankle will be able to provide you with the best solution and results for your specific condition. Podiatrists are highly trained and specialized physicians and surgeons focusing on the foot and ankle.

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Choosing a specialist can be a daunting task. Our three biggest referral sources are word of mouth, family practice doctors, and the internet. A patient should always choose a specialist in whom they have complete confidence. Our best advice is to ask friends or family first, then search the internet, and last but not least get a referral from your family doctor. To view more information on our board certified podiatrists, please click on their name below.

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