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What Is a Foot Doctor's Job?​

A foot doctor is a medical professional who focuses on the foot and lower leg. This is usually someone who specializes in podiatry. A Foot Doctor’s job is to provide treatment for patients with foot problems, such as bunions, foot pain, and foot deformities. Podiatrists also offer preventative care to help people avoid these conditions altogether.

What does a Podiatrist or a Foot Doctor's Job do?

A podiatrist’s job is to diagnose and treat foot problems. They can also provide care for wounds, help with recovery from surgery or injury, and offer guidance on how to avoid foot issues in the future.

The Foot Doctor’s will examine your feet as well as other parts of your body to determine what might be causing pain or discomfort that you are feeling. They will discuss your foot pain symptoms, lifestyle, and health history to get an idea of what might be causing the problem so they can start formulating a treatment plan.

A podiatrist’s job is not only diagnosing problems with feet but also offering preventative care that could keep you free from foot issues in the future. Podiatrists may offer foot care products or foot exercises that can keep your feet healthy for years to come.

A foot doctor`s will also talk with you about any foot injuries, diseases, infections, etc., and prescribe treatment options depending on what they find in their examination of the foot area. Treatment options could include medication, physical therapy, or surgery along with foot pain relief products.

Are they doctors?

While foot doctors are not the same as doctors, they do have extensive training in foot care. Podiatrists go through four years of college and then attend podiatric medical school to learn about feet and lower legs, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and foot problems.

They also take courses on wound care treatment for patients with diabetic foot issues, foot surgery, treatment for foot pain and injuries, foot care products to use in your home, etc. Podiatrists take continuing education classes throughout their careers so they can stay up-to-date on the latest foot problems and treatments available.

Conditions Podiatrists Treat

Podiatrists are foot doctors who can diagnose and treat a variety of foot conditions. Some foot problems podiatrists focus on include:

Foot pain/aches – ingrown toenails – bunions, corns, calluses – infections (fungal or bacterial) like athlete’s foot – bone spurs – foot deformities

Foot injuries/fractures – toenail problems (ingrown, fungal) – foot ulcers due to diabetes or other diseases that affect the legs and feet.

Do you need a podiatrist?

If you have any foot or lower leg issues, you should see a foot doctor. Podiatrists can treat foot pain, foot injuries, foot deformities, and diseases that are not serious enough to require surgery but do need attention from someone who specializes in feet.

If you have any type of foot or lower leg issue, contact your podiatrist today for an appointment so they can help you with foot problems.

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