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What’s GaitScan(™)?

Our physicians use GaitScan(™) diagnostic technology, for evaluating foot biomechanics. With this exciting technology our physicians can offer advanced custom made foot orthotics that are individualized to your feet.
Our computerized gait analysis uses shoe pressure mapping technology to gather data about abnormal foot functioning associated with how you walk. This in-depth approach to the measurement of how you walk using dynamic scanning technology provides our physicians access to information which is impossible to obtain using the naked eye. The evaluation can uncover any irregularities in normal foot functioning and individual weight distribution patterns.

Benefits of a GaitScan(™):

Computerized Analysis of walking can determine problems when someone has feet pain or pain in other areas of the body caused by foot postural problems. This analysis can help determine treatment to relieve the pain. This procedure records the patients walking process with multiple sensors. Its ability to show problems caused by the foot in motion means a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. By detecting these problems early, the need for surgery may be delayed or avoided.

Measuring with GaitScan(™)

Assessing results with GaitScan(™)

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