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Hammertoe Treatment - Katy, TX

Bending the toe at the first joint, known as the proximal interphalangeal joint (IPJ), is called the hammertoe. Usually, it is the second to fifth toe that is affected by this condition, but it is not just limited to them. Any toe can develop a hammertoe. Hammertoes are more likely to occur in females.
Hammertoes can lead to abnormal balance and increased pressure on the tendons and joints of the toe, causing its contracture as a result.

Hammertoe Causes:

Types of Hammertoe:

Hammertoe Symptoms:

Hammertoe Treatment Options - Katy, TX

1. Home Treatment:

2. Office treatment – conservative:

Hammertoe treatment options vary with the type and severity of the hammertoe. Hammertoes can become rigid if not treated early, making a non-surgical treatment less of an option. Our doctors will examine and X-ray the affected area and recommend a treatment plan specific to the severity and type of hammertoe.

3. Permanent:

An out-patient procedure will remove the bony prominence and restore normal alignment of the toe joint, thus relieving pain. Generally, you may go back to work in a day or two following surgery. For example, you may consider to have the procedure performed on a Thursday, allowing you to go back to work on Monday. However, some swelling and discomfort is common for several weeks following surgery. Discomfort or pain can be easily managed with medications.