What is a Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is a condition when a tendon becomes inflamed. Tendons connect muscles to the bones. Tendinitis may be caused by an injury or over exertion of the ankle. Improper form during physical activity or lack of stretching before exertion may be other possible causes for tendinitis. Individuals who have ‘flat feet’ or tight tendons are most prone to tendinitis.

Achilles tendinitis,an inflammation of the Achilles tendon is the most common cause of ankle as well as foot pain.

Tendinitis Symptoms

Tendinitis pain may increase with more movement. Sometimes there is a swelling too at the tendon.

If you are in pain, it is recommended to rest and ice the affected area. If the pain persists after a week, please call our office for an evaluation as tendinitis can develop into a more persistent and chronic problem which is a lot more painful and difficult to treat.

Tendinitis Treatment Options Katy TX:

  1. Home Treatment

  • Applying ice and rest can help decrease your pain level
  1. Office treatment

  • The primary goal of treatment is to provide relieve from the pain and prevent further injury. Generally, it takes two weeks for the tendon to heal.Shoe inserts or a soft cast may be prescribed to allow immobilization of the affected region.
  • Prevention of future tendinitis episodes may result in a recommendation forcustom made orthotics to correct the motion of the foot and strengthening exercises that stretch tendons to increase the strength of the attached muscles.
  • Increasing physical activity over a period of time- building up to the completion of a 5k is effective at preventing tendinitis.
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