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What is Flat Feet?

Flat feet or flat foot is an abnormality where the arch of the foot falls and the foot is flat enough to come in complete or almost-complete contact with the ground. It is a difficult disorder because of diverse symptoms and varying degrees of disability. There are two different types of flat feet; partial and total collapse (no arch).
The other characteristics sharedby flat feet include:

Flexible Flat Foot

The most common type of flatfoot is flexible flatfoot where the foot appears flat while the person stands but the curve of the arch returns when not standing. This deformity develops in childhood and extends to adulthood. Generally, this occurs in both feet and as the condition worsens the soft tissues can become inflamed, stretch or tear.


Treatment Options Katy TX:

Diagnosis of flat foot begins with x-rays and the observation of movement and positioning of your feet and ankle when you sit or stand. With flexible flatfeet, our doctors may recommend the following non-surgical treatments:
When determining your surgical treatment, our doctors will take into consideration the x-ray findings, activity level, age, and other lifestyle factors. Recovery periods vary depending on the specific treatment options determined.

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