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Foot health can signal severe medical problems. Why? Because foot health defines basic health, and conditions like arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can initially manifest in foot health.
Development of conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease may be evidenced in foot health and can speed up as one ages. Peripheral neuropathy, associated with diabetes, causes loss of sensation and can adversely affect walking, making balance and falling a concern. Also, circulatory problems can result if an injury is not healing properly due to an insufficient blood supply.
Mobility –is an essential element to independence. In order to have a higher quality of life, an individual should have the ability to move about from one place to another. However, if foot problems exist, it can make it problematic, especially for seniors, to carry out everyday tasks and social activities.
Researchers have found that impairment of the lower extremities can limit performance in the elderly. Foot ailments can also cause knee, hip and lower back pain, which can further lead to diminished movement and a decreased quality of life.
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