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Digital X-ray for Foot Pain Katy TX

Experience advanced care at our Katy, Tx office with Digital X-ray imaging technology. Skip hospital appointments, avoid chemical processing, and get enhanced, instantly reviewed foot x-rays—all in minutes. Benefit from reduced radiation for precise diagnostics.

Digital X-rays of the foot can determine if a bone has been fractured, damaged by an infection, arthritis, or other diseases. Moreover, X-ray images provide enhanced clarity to aid in the diagnosis of small bone spurs and fractures that usually go unnoticed.

Other reasons for Digital X-rays in Katy, Tx on your feet are to:

How Digital X-ray Technology works:

With this cutting-edge digital technology, images are instantly produced without toxic chemicals. Placing the foot in front of sensors, they capture x-rays as they pass through. The information is then swiftly transferred to a computer. Technicians can magnify the image for higher resolution and quality. Not only does this technology capture more accurate digital pictures, but the sensors and exposure for digital data transfer are more sensitive than regular film, requiring less radiation for a clear photo. Consequently, resulting images can be viewed more quickly with enhanced resolution and clarity.

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