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Diabetic Shoes – What Are They?

Diabetic foot problems are among the leading reasons for amputations. Protective footwear is a proven and effective approach to combat the 68,000 diabetic amputations that happen each year. Our office is an approved Medicare supplier for protective foot wear for diabetic patients, who might be at risk. As an authorized Medicare supplier, our physicians are qualified to assess, prescribe and dispense this covered benefit.
Appropriate footwear offers protection and the support which is necessary for diabetic patients. Our office provides an extensive range of shoe choices for diabetic patients. Our shoe choices provide the required depth to avoid diabetic foot complications.
Please ask our doctors if you feel that you might benefit from diabetic shoes and you’re diabetic.
Diabetes often results in peripheral vascular disease, which decreases blood circulation. Poor circulation contributes to diabetic foot problems by lowering the amount of nourishment and oxygen provided to the skin, leading to injuries and potential amputation.
A shoe’s correct sizing is crucial in avoiding the progression of diseases, ulcers, or sores. Our doctors can ensure that diabetic shoes dispensed in our office fit appropriately. Custom inserts provide the foot with protection and added support needed to alleviate pressure points that may cause difficult to treat sores or wounds.