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What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses generally occur on the foot when excess pressure is exerted on a specific area for a prolonged period of time. They develop into areas of hardened skin to protect against further irritation. Thickening on the bottom of foot is called a callus whereas if it occurs on top of it, it is called a corn.

This can become painful if it becomes too thick. However, they are not contagious. They may cause serious foot problems if the individual has diabetes or has decreased circulation.

Corns and Callluses Symptoms

Corns and calluses, common foot concerns, can manifest as either round or rose-shaped formations, exhibiting a dull and rough appearance. Identifying these skin issues can be challenging, as they may share similarities with warts. Our experienced doctors specialize in accurate diagnosis and personalized treatments, ensuring effective solutions for these conditions. Trust us for expert care and precise guidance on maintaining optimal foot health.

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Corns and Calluses