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Children’s Feet – Do Walking Patterns Matter?

The human foot is comprised of 26 bones and an extended network of ligaments, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Compared to adults, children’s feet are more prone to abnormalities, due to rapid growth.
It is essential for parents to monitor their child’s walking pattern on a regular basis, since not many may be able to communicate if they are experiencing any pain. Parents should pay attention to symptoms such as limping, tripping, frequently taking off shoes, and wearing footwear unevenly. Children that have a family history of foot abnormalities should call our office to schedule an evaluation when their child starts walking, to ensure normal foot development.

Children’s Feet – Common Foot Conditions Katy TX

This occurs when either one or both the feet are pointing inwards, towards each other. Children often sit in a V shaped position, which causes this inward rotation of their feet. Excessive tripping also indicates the presence of in-toeing. In order to overcome in-toeing, one should have their child stand with heels touching and toes pointing outward. Sitting in a position with legs crisscrossed can also be effective in this situation. However, to avoid this condition from becoming any more severe, contact our office for an evaluation.
A congenital deformity of the foot, called metatarsus adductus, makes the foot appear in a C shape.
Flat feet is suspect when the arch on the inner border is flatter than normal. To avoid the pain caused by flat feet, schedule an evaluation with our doctors. Flat feet may cause misbalance and make walking problematic. Children suffering from flat feet commonly complain about:

Children’s Feet Symptoms

Children’s Feet Treatment Options Katy TX

Generally most children can be treated with conservative, traditional treatments, which comprise of: