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Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are quite common. Broken bones, dislocations, infections, contusions and similar injuries can happen anywhere, and at anytime. If you are suffering from a foot sprain or ankle injury then call our office to make an appointment. With our convenient on-site digital x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound technology, our doctors can evaluate and determine the best treatment options and plan to alleviate pain and further problems.
Occurrence of pain immediately after an injury or at the initial stage of a disease is more like an alarm that damage has occurred. Pain from a sprained ankle warns an individual of the bruising of ligaments and soft tissues, and notifies us that further activity can lead to additional injury.

Types of Foot and Ankle Injuries

Common Myths of Foot and Ankle Injuries

If you suffered from a foot injury, seek prompt treatment. Please call our office for an appointment.

1. “It can’t be broken, because I can move it.”

False: You can often walk with certain kinds of fractures. 

2. “If you break a toe, immediate care isn’t necessary.”

False: Fractures require immediate attention. X-rays can identify a displaced bone/ligaments. In such cases, prompt realignment of the fracture will help prevent improper or incomplete healing.

3. “If you have a foot or ankle injury, soak it in hot water immediately.”

False:Soaking the injured foot in hot water will allow more blood flow in that area, which will increase the swelling and pain. Instead, treat with an ice bag, which will reduce the swelling and pain in that area.

4. “Applying an elastic bandage to a severely sprained ankle is adequate treatment.”

FalseAnkle sprains refer to worn out and overstretched ligaments, and deserve to be treated right away. To ensure a normal recovery, one will need X-rays, casting/splinting, and physiotherapy. In extreme cases, surgery may also be considered an option.

5. “The terms ‘fracture,’ ‘break,’ and ‘crack’ are all different.”

False: All of those words are proper to describe a broken bone. 

Treatment Options

1. Prevention

2. Office Treatment:

For further and more effective treatment, call our office to schedule an appointment with our doctors. Our doctors are specifically trained in all aspects of injury and trauma to the foot and ankle.